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Various***Tides Of Fate




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Embrace the Momentum, Navigate the Soundscapes!

Immerse yourself in this new auditory odyssey as you set sail on the second chapter of 3Mâts Records. Aboard this vessel, four musical corsairs stand poised to lead you towards some tricky & distant horizons.

The German touch finds its embodiment in Philipp Boss, an activist of the Frankfurt/Offenbach scene. He unfurls a piece with satin-smooth bass/Sub full of entrancing rhythms.

Gabriel Belabbas, label boss of the Positive Future imprint, builds this progressive cut in order to envelop you in a breaky acid touch that is both impactful and imbued with melancholic groove.

Muelsa, Finest selector and pionneer of the Parisian underground scene , orchestrates an electrifying electro track by weaving together seemingly disparate elements.

Nico Lampariello assumes his Uruguayan scene path in this production by leading us into an exhilarating voyage that perfectly melds house, trance and techno.

The TIDES OF FATE summon you forth on a complete journey where each note serves as a compass, every rhythm as a wave, and every emotion as a star to be followed in the nocturnal sky of sounds.

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