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For Frenzy's 5th installment, we'll take the fusion of the past and the present even further. We present you a 6-track EP by Swedish DJ and producer 'The Miller', who was amongst the Nordic wave of early 2000s techno pioneers like Cari Lekebusch, Adam Beyer, and Joel Mull. Coming from an era where rave and nightlife escapism were blooming, The Miller possesses a vast backlog of old-school productions that embody the true Frenzy sound. We invited him to compile an EP with old and new material, accompanied by remixes from the up-and-coming generation to truly intertwine generations of dancefloor exquisiteness. Allow yourself to surpass the linear alignment of time within the next collision of decades on Frenzy 005. It's time to dance.

Starting out slow but steady on the A side, 'Kartong' gradually builds up the pressure with a playful mix of reversed phrases and thoughtful alignment of pitch levels. Tension transforms into motion as 'Apex' kicks in with big airy basslines and exotic drum elements that keep the early-day spirit alive. To complete the A-side, Stuttgart-based Rove Ranger presents a dub-influenced remix of Apex, accelerating the 00s story straight into the next decade. On the flip side, we go back to the old days as 'Complied' grabs hold of hips and minds with catchy repetition and a straightforward bassline. The Miller got us spellbound as 'Gate' follows up with a stripped-down steamy groover. To end the journey in full force, a powerful remix of Gate by the Greek-based ANNE is delivered, converting stripped down into the contrary for those big-room dancefloor moments.

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